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How does Technology Impact Agriculture?

The start of a new revolution in Agriculture

Every day our lives are constantly impacted by Agriculture, we depend on it, without it we would have no food, and no clothes. Since the start of the Industrial Revolution the Agriculture industry has been rapidly improving to allow for faster crop productions, as our population soars past 7.7 Billion.

1. The autonomous Tractor

Big companies like John Deere, and Case-IH have now declared that they are indeed launching self driving tractors. However, these tractors can also be controlled manually, cabs are put on these tractors so that farmers can control if needed.


2. Drones

Some of this Technology is here already, such as a drone. It may seem simple, but Drones are becoming popular on the farm. For one reason, farmers can now check their crops by drone without even leaving their house. Drones allow for farmers to locate areas where work is needed and then they can easily work on those areas.

3. Robot Crop Sprayers

Robot Crop Sprayers have pin point accuracy allowing for weeds to easily be located and zapped. This doesn't waste Chemical and is better for the environment.

In Conclusion, Technology has made many improvements to Agriculture and there will continue to be more and more advancements to our society and Agriculture.

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